Cloud Mobil

Year of Release: 2019

Task: Sounddesign, Audio System Planning

Concept, Design, Animation: LWZ
System Design, Generative Coding: Bildwerk Media OG 
App Development, Data Aggregation: Huangart
Consulting Mobility & Ecology: Florian Lorenz
Routing Partner: Verkehrbund Ost-Region (VOR) GmbH
Making Of: Skop Filmbüro

CLOUD MOBIL is an interactive AV-Installation that illuminates our individual and collective mobility.

In this project my main task was to create a spaceship ambiance and UI sounds for an interactive AV-installation. Consisting of a coupled 8.1 and a 4.1 audio system, housed in an acoustically quite nasty vault, the main difficulty was to provide the audience with precise acoustic feedback while avoiding confusion from all the echoes firing off at once.